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Holiday gift guide for the Developer in Your life [2023]

It’s that time of the year again! Are you someone who loves to surprise that special someone in your life? If that special someone is a developer, you might find some ideas here that will help you check one thing off your list.


I know, I know, learning? It may sound a bit dull for a holiday gift, but there are some incredible courses and books out there that any programmer would be thrilled to receive!

I won’t cover every language or stack, assuming you know a bit about the person. Here, I’ll recommend things I’d love to get (if I didn’t have them already!).

For the book, I've chosen perhaps the best thing I've read this year "Refactoring UI" it’s a great book that explains user interfaces in a way I haven't found elsewhere. I use it every time I start a new project to remind myself of the rules it lays out. It also explains why Tailwind is the way it is and how to implement good design on your own.

The course I recommend is focused on TypeScript—specifically, how to become a TypeScript Wizard.. "Total TypeScript" by Matt Pocock takes you on a beautiful journey, and by the end, you'll know more than most about TypeScript and how to use it. All presented in an easy-to-understand format with a beautiful graphical setting.


Now, onto the most interesting stuff! I love gadgets, and I think most tech enthusiasts do too. Here’s a short list that hopefully won’t disappoint:

Desk mats. Does the person you're thinking of have a worn-out mouse pad or one with stains from four years ago? It's time to change that. I recommend two beautifully designed mats: one made from leather from Orbitkey or If you more like felt Oakywood makes really great ones.

Charger. In this age of multiple devices, we all hate wires, especially on our desks. To fix that Satechi offers a great charger that can charge your phone, watch, and AirPods all at the same time.

Mouse. Does this person use free company mouse? Please help them. There is only one good choice here and it’s MX Master 3S

Stand for MacBook. If you see someone using stacks of books to hold their laptop, that's not good. Make it more ergonomic and safe by getting them this stand from Twelve South


I am personally big fun of lighting. I think it can change the space you live in, work in etc. without spending big bucks.

Led Light Bars. Govee Smart Led Light Bars are a great choice for affordable LED lights to put on your monitor or desk. They work well with Alexa, Google, and the Govee app.

Led Stripe. Yee Light makes one of the cheapest led stripes that work out of the box with homekit which is imporant for some people. It is not the best led stripe out there but it brings really good value for money.

Led lamps. This lamps i first notice in one of MKBHD vidoes. They are great but they are made by Phillips Hue that means they are quite expensive. But don’t worry Govee makes cheaper one though it doesn’t work with HomeKit without some hacks.

So, here's my holiday gift guide. I hope it helps you bring joy to your loved ones or find something great for the company Christmas party. Have a happy holidays! 🌲